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What can we tell you about ourselves?

We’ve known one another for nearly forty years.

We were both dentists for 35 years. We have been each other's bridesmaids and are godmothers to each others boys. We trained together, worked together and now we write together. It was a natural progression to organise writing retreats and courses together...the kind that we’d like to go on ourselves.

Writing as Maddie Please, Moira’s debut novel, The Summer of Second Chances will be published in July 2017, by Avon Maze, a division of Harper Collins.

Jane runs RossWriters@The Globetrotter, a writing group in Ross-on-Wye .

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Moira and Jane, enjoy writing and entertaining. They offer comfort and quiet, inspiration and relaxation and time out from your everyday life to focus on your own creativity.

Here’s what people say about us

‘...the warmest welcome, combining all the ingredients a writer could wish for in a retreat...’

‘...Debi Alper is magnificent’

Food was... ‘lavish, generous, delicious...’

‘...the advice and inspiration along with the connections were completely priceless...’

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